Marketing Management : A Marketing Manager

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A Marketing Manager is a complex career that requires one to be able to actively adapt to the current sales trends and confidently lead a team into uncharted territory because the market is steadily changing. A marketing manager is someone who decides how to sell a product/products to try and maximize profit. Marketing wasn’t studied until the early 1900’s, a Marketing Manager requires a bachelors degree and skills that can only be obtained from experience with marketing, it’s availability is expected to rise but there is fierce competition in getting the job, one must be a leader and have an open mind to be successful in this career. Marketing is a relatively young field compared to the other ones in it’s division. It wasn’t really studied into until the early 1900’s, and what is typically categorized under marketing today would be classified as economics, advertising, or hadn’t even been looked into yet. All the way back in 1450 the printer was used to advertise companies and products, followed by the first ever magazine in 1741 which opened up a whole new outlet for companies to advertise. Posters had to be banned in London because so many people were using them to try to sell stuff they were everywhere, then in 1867 along came the billboard, and the first ever recorded billboard rental. Then in about 1920 is when marketing was born. Know This says “Led by marketing scholars from several major universities, the development of marketing was in large part
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