Marketing Management : Apple Iphone 6 Essay

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DBM Level – 7 Term - 2D Assignment of Marketing Management


Apple iPhone 6

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The company that have swept the world with its unique technology and identity, and have established a record breaking patents on its name is famously known as Apple. Apple was founded nearly 39 years ago in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak. But the only name we remember is Steve Jobs (1955-2011). He was called the father of innovation in the apple company. His unique thinking style and innovation techniques were a set of skills that are present in a handful of people. Apple started with the production in the line of the famous “mac Computers”, then they experimented with the music devices known as the “iPod”, next in the production line came the famous smartphones of all times “iPhone”, and their latest innovation was the “iPads”. There have always been a very unique thing about the release of the products of apple. They have always selected the dates when the market is silent and quite unexpected. Although, the latest iPhone 6 was introduced in the 3rd quarter of the year.
Now, let’s talk about “iPhone”, they started making the line of smartphones with iPhone 3g, then the up-gradation came with the iPhone 3gs, then came the new segment of iPhone 4 and with it came the new up-gradation of

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