Marketing Management Assignment 2 Simplysiti

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1. Introduction to the Company providing an overview or outline of the report with Organizational-level mission and objectives ( a page or two) Company: SimplySiti - Overview SimplySiti Sdn. Bhd., known as SimplySiti is a cosmetic line founded by a Malaysian artiste, Siti Nurhaliza in March 2010 with the headquarter in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Arrival of SimplySiti The Skin and Make-Up A global research medical aesthetics company, and SimplySiti, a prestige beauty brand created under the Malaysia’s number one celebrity and beauty icon Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza, today is proud to announce the arrival and nationwide availability of SimplySiti Skin Care and Make-up products. The new skin care line is scientifically-designed and…show more content…
Awards Halal Journal Awards First launced in 2006 by The Halal Journal, one of the main objectives of this award is to give out support to the halal products and services from all over the world. Being the only Malaysian winner, her cosmetic and skincare range, SimplySiti took home the Best Product category. |Year |Nominated work |Award |Result | |2010[13] |SimplySiti |Best Halal Product |Won | Halfest Awards Halal Fiest Malaysia or more commonly known as Halfest is an annual five-day

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