Marketing Management.

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2.0 Situation Analysis
In the United States, being more health conscious is becoming more popular. As a result, carbonated drinks are becoming less admired, and fruit drinks are growing in demand. Therefore, the market for low-carb drinks and fruit drinks is expanding. There are many competitors in the fruit drink industry. NAA Bottling Company has critical issues that they face, for example, they need to make sure they have a secure retailer, and they need to ensure they have adequate shelf space in the stores. NAA Bottling needs to differentiate themselves from their competitors’ products, and they need to decide whether they want to associate their fruit drink line with their carbonated beverage line. NAA Bottling Company needs
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Carbonated beverages have been rising in prices, and there has been talk about adding taxes to sodas. The economy is also in troubling times, and people might not be willing to pay for the extras.

2.3 Competition
Some of NAA’s competitors are Minute Maid, Tropicana, and Snapple. Minute Maid which is owned by Coca Cola is the world’s largest marketer of fruit juices and drinks. Minute Maid and other Coca-Cola juices are the leader in the U.S. fruit juices & energy drinks market but Tropicana and other Pepsi juices are close behind. Also Minute Maid is far ahead of Tropicana in the international market. These companies are branching out their brand to many other countries and expansion has helped increase the name visibility globally. This allows them to target every market and ethnicity out there.
Minute Maid launched its orange juice drink to India as part of its strategy to extend its leadership in the juice drink industry in January 2007. Also in 2007, they announced a new line of 100 % Orange Juice products with health benefits from added nutrients and functional ingredients. The Minute Maid Enhanced Juice line includes new Minute Maid Multi-Vitamin, which contains 16 essential vitamins and minerals and Minute Maid Active. In 2010, Minute Maid Enhanced launched a new line of single serve products so you can have it on the go. In 2010, Minute Maid changed the design of

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