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What has Accenture done well to target its B-to-B audience? Has Accenture done the right thing by dropping Tiger Woods as its spokesperson? Why? What has Accenture done well to target its B-to-B audience? • Accenture as part of Anderson consulting created brand awareness in professional services through several global marketing campaigns. In 2000, after adopting the Accenture name, its awareness campaign was targeted towards senior executives at its clients and prospects, all Accenture partners and employees, the media, leading industry analysts, potential recruits, and academia. These marketing campaigns resulted in brand equity increased by11 percent, and helped sales inquiries. New name Accenture having “Ac” ensured it could…show more content…
Ad campaign do not suggest any such effort, as recent Mercedes Ad campaign which clearly shows this effort by Mercedes • To address its slump in European market and keep its brand value intact, BMW probably should create different brands for non-premium market segments instead of mixing the premium and no-premium in one, on linex of Toyota &

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