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Masters Home Improvement is one of Australian home improvement and hardware store which only have two years’ experience. The beginning of Masters Home Improvement was established under the program of joint venture between Australian retailer, Woolworths Limited and American home improvement and appliance stores, Lowe’s. The very first store opened on 1 September 2011 in Braybrook, Melbourne. Now there are 33 stores in Australia. In 2012, the transactional website was launched that made Masters Home Improvement win the title of Australia's first online hardware and home improvement retailer. Masters Home Improvement strives to provide marvellous shopping experience that consumer have never experienced before via marketing
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Masters Home Improvement (Masters Home Improvement, 2013) said that they recognizes the importance of protecting environment and deliver the beliefs through their product. The actions of protecting environment including using the timbers within the concept of sustainability and well-managed or which are certificated by global forest certification organization such as PEFC. In addition, Masters Home Improvement developed a program to recycle and re-use timbers for increasing the efficiency of using timbers. However, essential elements of operating a store including electricity and water should also be considered under environmentally friendly.

2.2 Technological
Technology is one of most significant element which shapes our life in contemporary society and plays an influential role in marketing strategies (Kotler and Armstrong, 2012, p. 104). Technologies not only create new products but also create opportunities to marketers. Applications on smart phones and tablet computers are the typical innovation in this generation, and the of power influence of applications in marketing are unpredicted. Masters Home Improvement valued and launched an application on iPhone (Masters launches real-time customer service app, 2013). This application not only provides the basic function such as searching information and purchasing products but also offers some special functions such as “chat now” which connects directly with Masters’ service

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