Marketing Management Group Project

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Marketing Management Group Project iPad Air Liberty University BMAL 520 Strategic Marketing Management – Section B06 December 13, 2013 Abstract Marketing management is an evolving field and plays an important role in the success or failure of a business or product. Group 3 selected Apple, iPad Air for the research project. The paper will address important marketing considerations for the iPad Air. The topics researched includes marketing analysis, promotions/marketing, positioning/competition/branding, product/service topic identification, promotions and services/pricing. The paper also addresses how well the iPad Air is addressing its entry into the market, response of…show more content…
Apple continues to focus their demographic trend on all consumers nationally and internationally. Apple’s business model has not altered since the company’s arrival in the late 1970s. Apple is a pioneer in consumer electronics innovation and has dominated the production of proprietary hardware and software, which has provided the company a competitive benefit in gaining a share of any market into which they have attempted (Gupta, A., 2013). Apple’s new iPad Air will continue to deliver a product that is useful and appealing to all private and commercial consumers. The large global customer base Apple has generated will continue to grow, while maintaining the loyal customers and reaching all demographics. The Apple I Pad Air has over 475,000 apps in their app store and is the thinnest tablet on the market today. Its lightweight and thin design make it easy to carry around especially for travelers. Product and service quality is definitely what Apple delivered to the world. The iPad Air provides the features and benefits that the consumers are looking for. Technologically, Apple iPad Air has delivered their promise of performance. The standards of living are higher now and the economy has also changed giving rise to higher demands for a product that can
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