Marketing Management : Integrated Business Operations Essay

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New Zealand National College Diploma in Business Management Level 6 Franchising and Marketing Management Unit Standard 6412 Submitted By Gaganbir singh Nd15344 Task 1 Question 1: Key franchise types and examples Integrated business operations: this type of franchise is usually called a regional developer. The main difference is that the master franchisee, in this type of franchisee the parent or master franchisee is paid with royalty by all the current franchisees. This also adds into the income coming from the sales and distribution of the products in the area. Master franchise are most likely to sell fast as they are source of various ways of revenue generation and the money invested will be covered very quickly. Single product or service operations: this type of franchise is suitable for the new starters. The franchisee of this type will only be accountable for operating only one unit. In this type of franchisee the unit franchisee will cover a said area of and in miles or kilometres. This type is considered good for beginners as there is low investment required and this type of franchisee always make good income. Manufacturing and wholesale Manufacturer- in this type of franchisee the franchisor give rights of manufacturing to the whole-seller which means the franchisor will provide the raw material and trademark copyrights to the manufacturer and manufacturer will do all the packaging, marketing, promotion and distribution all of his own. Manufacturing and
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