Marketing Management : Marketing Manager Essay

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As I read the articles and after I made some research about marketing, I noticed that there are different roles. For example, one that caught my attention was marketing manager. The salary was not what caught my attention, because they do get paid very well. But what caught my attention was the name. When I read the the first article, I thought it would be simple. I thought it would have been simple, because in high school I was the soccer captain and manager for the varsity and junior varsity team, and there was not much to do. Once I research the job description for marketing manager, my whole idea of a simple job flew away. A marketing manager has to do a lot. Some examples of their job descriptions are “plan marketing and branding objectives”, “expand product solutions and offerings”, “prepare and adhere to budgets” and the list keeps adding up ( A marketing manager has an important role in keeping the company or organization stable or even improving. One important skill I believe would be needed for marketing is communication. Working in the field of marketing, deals with interacting with others for different purposes. In order to come with an agreement there needs to be a form of communication. Also a good connection would be the activity we did in class; making our candy bar. We had to let our classmates know information about the candy bar we have created, but at the same time convinced them to
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