Marketing Management Of Apple, Samsung, And Blackberry

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Marketing management


Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Assignment 1: A review of the STP strategy and the marketing activities of different brands in an industry sector of your choice. 4
Selected brands 4
Meaning and role of segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP) 4
Motivators for the buying decision for Apple, Nokia, Samsung, and Blackberry (what needs and wants might be satisfied through the product) 4
Apple 4
Nokia 5
Samsung 5
Blackberry 5
Primary target market for Apple, Techno, Samsung, and Blackberry 5
Apple 5
Nokia 6
Samsung 7
Blackberry 8
Segmentation at Blackberry 8
Perceptual map for Apple, Nokia, Samsung, and Blackberry brands 8
Meaning and role of the marketing mix tools 8
Comparison of the different brands’ in terms of products, prices and distribution methods 10
Product 10
Price 11
Place 12
References 12

The smart phone industry has lately witness an influx of products especially with the introduction of the smart phones. Some of the leading brands include Apple, Techno, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia and Motorola. Although these products are in the same product categories (smart phones), they tend to differ in terms of elements such as durability, affordability, features, style and design. The phones are also distinct in terms of their target markets for example targeted towards business, family, exiting, trends, reliability and personal aspects. Some of the benefits…

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