Marketing Management, Promotions, And Marketing Manager Essay

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Occupation Outlook Employment Projections Currently, there are roughly 194,300 marketing managers (“Advertising, promotions,” 2015). There will be about 212,500 marketing professionals by 2024, which is a nine percent Graph 1: Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Manager Projections from 2014-2024 increase. Referencing Graph 1, one could see that the projections are positive, and will increase nine percent for marketing managers. “Although the retirement rate will likely be average, the number of retiring workers should contribute to job openings” (“What is the future,” 2009). It is predicted that the number of job openings is going to be equivalent to the number of people seeking a career in marketing. About two-thirds of these careers are held by men. While the number of women holding a marketing manager position is low, it has been increasing for several years. It is interesting to see that the projections show women obtaining more of these jobs in the future. Marketing managers are often sought out to help improve the market share for a business (“Marketing Manager Career Outlook and Salary,” n.d.). This is why the projections are deemed to be a positive one for those seeking careers in the marketing field. It is predicted that the largest percentage of growth is going to come from Internet marketing. The big one is in social media marketing. Therefore, the prospects are higher for those who have background in digital mediums; such as, search engine

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