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MODULE TITLE: - Marketing Management

Indicative Assessment Requirements for the Module;-

Maximum Word Limit and Assessment weighting for each aspect within the assessment:

* Each group must submit a hard copy of the report * Each member should speak for 4 minutes
Description of Assessment Requirements

You have joined HMV’s marketing department in the UK and have been asked to recommend a marketing plan for HMV to ensure continued growth in the future.
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You must explain your reasons for suggestions and recommendations.

* Word Count – Group power points and report to sum up to 3000 words excluding appendices and bibliography * Group Presentation of the marketing plan

Please read the Case Study of HMV below: Do further research on the company and prepare a group presentation on a new marketing plan for HMV– making sure that you answer the questions set below

Case Study – HMV

In 1921 HMV opened its first store in London 's Oxford Street. Shopping in HMV 's first store was very different from today’s retailing experience. The shop sold mainly HMV branded goods. It was also fairly exclusive; some customers had accounts and were often served on a one-to-one basis. Outside London, HMV products could only be purchased from exclusively appointed dealers.

By the late 1950 's and early 1960 's all this changed: the 45-rpm single format was introduced and artists like Elvis and The

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