Marketing Management : Starbucks Vision And Mission

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“Co-creation is how businesses create value. It involves redefining the way organizations engage individuals in value creation, especially employees and internal stakeholders, but also customers, suppliers, and related external stakeholders and communities. It is about organizations unleashing the creative vitality of people by inviting and enabling them to interact with them differently” (Experience Co-Creation Partnership, 2015, p. 1).The goal of co-creation is about engaging people and creating value through their experiences, from the products and services they seek. According to Pine and Gilmore, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz embraces the true definition of co-creation. Starbucks vision and mission was to create an experience consumer’s would find invaluable and beneficial. The concept of understanding consumer desires, while providing a unique mix of value to their experience, able to personalize their experience. “Such an experience is more than simply having coffee in a relaxed atmosphere-Starbucks becomes a means of branding socializing time. “(Physical space, ambience, including lot of comfy seating)” (Clegg, Carter, Kornberger, & Schweitzer, p. 153), incorporating the S-D Logic which focuses on tangible resources, embedded value, transactions and service centered.
Service-dominant logic is collaboration of putting marketing, services and value together, which are the core the ten foundational premises are built on while developing long-term relationships with…
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