Marketing Management : The Marketing Strategy For Elderly Customers Of Different Geography And Characteristics

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Society today is experiencing rapid growth in the globalization. Marketing managers are facing the wide range of challenges and opportunities in developing a suitable marketing plan and strategy for elderly customers of different geography and characteristics. On one hand, marketing strategies may contain site for the production unit, mode of entry and communication strategies to acquire the customer intention. On the other hand, consumers have more knowledge of products and are well aware of the variety of domestic as well as foreign products and brands (Thornhill and Martin 2007). In order to be a successful marketer, their strategies will depend the correlation between the product attributes and customer identities like attitude,…show more content…
If the company does not consider the physical, mental, and social aspect of the whole society, then the products can easily reject elderly consumers. A positive element to address that issue is companies having a universal design. A universal design is the idea that by making products accessible for people with disabilities, the same products can become easier to use for the whole population (Moody and Sasser 482). This design idea is not only helping the elderly regain their self-respect but also can be a tool to combine the generations. The properties of universal design can be combined as neutral (not targeted old or young), flexible (e.g right or left handed both people can use), simple (easily understood), error tolerant (minimize accidental usage), needed physically low effort and appropriate size and space regardless of user 's body sizes. There are several examples of products that can be used for any age. The first example is a cell phone. The design has a visually and functional design features and also the keypad and easy to use softwares can widely open it’s the customer base without concerning of age. Another example, can be a game console, which is a device that combines the generations. Game systems are available to any gamers of any age. The directions and controllers are easy to use. In these types of products, the age group is not the main focus rather the focus is on its functionality and ease of use. Therefore, it makes them appeal
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