Marketing Management's Ability to Develop and Maintain Successful Transactions with Its Target Customers

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Executive summary "Macroenvironmental forces The larger societal forces that affect the whole microenvironment - demographic, economic, natural, technological, political and cultural forces." - Kotler et al Macroenvironmental forces need to be studied by organisations as they can both provide opportunities and pose threats. The fast-food industry is a consumer service; two organisations that operate in the fast-food industry are McDonald's and Hungry Jack's. McDonald's was chosen because it is the primary operator in this market and holds the greatest market share. Hungry Jack's was chosen because the product they offer is the most similar to McDonald's. I thought it would be interesting to compare marketing strategies of two…show more content…
Changes in income may indicate trends and explain slumps in sales for the fast-food industry. A drop in sales may be able to be explained by a depression in the market place, etc. Consumer spending patterns refer to how household income is divided between food, housing, transportation, etc. By monitoring changes in interest rates, unemployment, business and consumer confidence and retailing expenditure using economic forecasting fast-food outlets are less likely to be surprised by economic depressions or bursts of growth. Economic forces can be used to predict future sales rates and suggest the required number of service staff to have working at anytime. 2.3 Natural forces "Natural resources that are needed as inputs by marketers or that are affected by marketing activities." - Kotler et al. There are four major concerns within the natural environment. Not all affect consumer services; however they can have an effect on the fast-food market as part of the product is tangible. These are: Shortages of raw materials - Many resources that once may have seemed to have an infinite supply are now seen as precious and greater efforts are being made to find alternatives or cut down usage. Some examples of these are: McDonald's use recycled paper to wrap their hamburgers, therefore reducing the amount of forestland that is cut down. Energy costs - As nonrenewable resources like oil and coal dwindle, prices of fast-food products are

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