Marketing Manager Responsible For Developing The Advertising Campaign For A New Cereal

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Question 1: Demographic Environment (5 Marks) a) What are the 2 most important reasons why marketers in Canada should be very interested in this demographic group known as the baby boomers? The 2 most important reasons why marketers should be interested in the baby boomers is because the baby boomers are the wealthiest generation, and they are also the largest. “The baby boomers account for about one-third of Canada’s population and control over 50 percent of the country’s wealth” (Armstrong, Buchwitz, Kotler, & Trifts, 2015). If I was a marketer, I know it would be very interested in this demographic group since I would have a large audience to target. I would also have a group with the ability to spend, this is why I believe this…show more content…
I would make sure that my product is heart healthy and a source of healthy nutrition. I would ensure that my product is a healthy choice because I recognized that the older folks, especially over the age of 70 are very cautious about what they eat. Having a healthy alternative is something that we would really benefit from. Another way I would ensure that the cereal appeals to my target would be to apply the proper packaging. I would ensure that my product is easy to read and easy to open. The reason I would do this is because seniors tend to have a lower quality eyesight which can make them overlook certain nutrition benefits, and seniors are sometimes unable to open durable packaging. Therefore implementing these innovations would enable seniors to see the added nutrition that they may need, and they would be able to open the packaging without assistance. Question 2: Demographic Environment (3 Marks) The textbook also tells us that Statistics Canada predicts that visible minorities could comprise more than 30 percent of Canada’s total population by 2031. Between 2001 and 2006, Canada’s visible minority population increased five times faster than the population as a whole, mainly due to immigration. a) Scenario: you are KFC’s Regional Manager and are responsible for all KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) stores in Canada’s largest city, Toronto.
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