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Literature Review Marketing and Business Communication Submitted by: Group “I” Mayra Geovanna Araujo (201500744) Parminder Kaur Ottal (201502018) Oscar Navarrete (201402939) Angie Vivian Montana Londono (201401564) Bhim Prasad Paudel (201402272) Submitted to: Dr. Grace Phanathiroj 1. Introduction Every organisation large and small, government, commercial, educational, charities and others need to communicate with a range of stakeholders. This is because they need to get materials and services to undertake their business activities, or coordinate with others to secure suitable distribution of their goods and services. There are consumers, people who are free to choose among the many hundreds and thousands of…show more content…
Although, marketing communication is the facilitating exchanges, positioning the product and sharing a common meaning to the valuable customers. Advertising, publicity, designing, promotion, public relation, sponsorship and packaging are the some provision of marketing communication. Nowadays, Marketing communication is the important tools before and after of making or producing any kinds of business or product. It is really essential for every sector such as banking, agriculture and industry. Marketing communication in the banking industry is the most important for this time because we have many banking organizations and they promote or attract the customers using many marketing communication tools. It plays the critical role in enhancing effective banking performance through SMS banking, media, newspaper and via internet. According to the Chartered of Institute Management Accountants, “Universal transaction advertising concentrates on the fruition of the transaction and the quest for boosting benefits for each transaction. Relationship marketing, on the other hand, keeps tabs on the station about solid associations. Furthermore, stable partnerships so as on augmenting the quest for the investment from claiming every one viewpoints of the association” (Ratenayake D.). Due to the changing of time banking sectors lunch different kinds of marketing plan and strategy to develop or communicate to the customers because it is the need for organizational
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