Marketing : Marketing And Relationship Marketing Essay

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Integrating Marketing With the shift in the external marketing environments, Apple has also shifted its marketing strategy. It personalizes marketing through experiential marketing and relationship marketing. “Experiential marketing promotes a product by not only communicating a product’s features and benefits but also connecting it with unique and interesting consumer experiences” (Strategic Brand Management, P. 181). Customers can easily experience a sense of community every time they walk in into the Apple stores. The layout of the store itself is well thought of. The reason that every Apple stores have basically the same layout with the numerous displays of products is because Apple knows that the sampling of products is the key to purchasing decisions. I personally enjoy walking into the Apple store even though I may not plan to purchase anything. The vibe of the store is so welcoming that customers feel comfortable walking in and out of the store even when not purchasing anything. The Apple store employees are present in almost every table, ready to provide any information needed by the customers. Relationship marketing “transcends the actual product or service to create stronger bonds with consumers and maximize brand resonance” (Strategic Brand Management, P. 182). This marketing strategy understands that customers are the key to success. They treated customers with utmost care. As I mentioned in my personal experience above, Apple created a sense of connection
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