Marketing : Marketing Campaign And Strategy Of Marketing

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Common necessities and desires have created a competitive nature in the corporate world. Marketing allows companies to face that competition by creating strategic advantages via touch points. These touch points are made to give targeted consumers exposure to companies and their products on multiple platforms such as; store visits, websites, newspapers, magazines, and social networks. Marketers hope that this exposure help consumers to choose their company’s product over other company’s similar products. The online mattress retailer Saatva has made a strong marketing campaign and strategy plan. When buying a mattress the consumer must answer a lot of questions. Why do you need it? What qualities are you looking for? Do you like firm or…show more content…
The consumer doesn’t have to decide between the mattress they want and the adjustable base they need. Second, their online sales representatives are not commissioned, they are there 24/7, and will answer any question you have. Being non-commission is important because the consumer know they can ask for help without someone pushing a sale on them. Simply put, the sale representative will not try to sell you a queen when you need a twin because a queen is more expensive. Finally, instead of having the consumer sit on the bed they build trust by literally showing them what exactly what their mattress is made of and information why they use what they use. Most offline showcase store don't show what the mattress is made of which leaves doubt, mistrust, and questions in the consumer’s mind. Saatva’s business model is a disruptive force in the mattress market because of its website and market strategy. One, the website doesn’t just offer a simple buying experience but a comfortable one. The website allows you to buy right from the comfort of your home or anywhere you want at anytime you want. This caters to younger generations who have been raised in the online purchase era and older generations who may not have the ability, time, or desire to go to a department store. Two, being an online only retailer has its perks. Saatva can keep their prices
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