Marketing : Marketing Management Philosophy Essay

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MARKETING REFLECTION Every company has different idea and philosophies. Under marketing management philosophy there are five concepts. 1. Production Concept Consumers prefer products which are widely, easily available and cheap. Key features of this approach are: high production, mass distribution and low cost. This concept generally works in a developing country like India. Companies assume that consumers need this product hence they will buy it and will not look in to its features. Example: - Ford Model T 2. Product concept The product concept recommends that consumers prefer products that have better quality, performance and features compared to a normal product. The concept is very useful in some niches such as electronics and mobile phones. Two companies which stands out from the crowd when talking about the concept of product is Apple and Google. Both companies have fought hard on their products and deliver us feature rich, innovative and diverse application products and people just love these brands. In the past several Microsoft product has been brought under the hammer by people feeling more and more dissatisfied with the operating systems due to lack of innovation and new features. Each Microsoft operating system looks almost identical with a few adjustments. Thus companies following product concept has to focus on its technology as that they provide with an excellent feature rich and innovative products for

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