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Marketing on Social Media Maggie H. King Appalachian State University Currently 78 percent of United States residents have at least one active social media account. This statistic has increased nearly ten percent in the last two years, showing that social media is a critical communication tool ("U.S. Statistic", 2016). Communication between businesses and consumers is vital for companies to generate profit and growth. A tweet, Facebook post, Instagram ad, or even Snapchat filter can transform uninterested citizens into engaged buyers; however, the post must be strategic. Companies must consider the impact of consumer and firm-generated material, their specific market, and how current social media trends are impacting their recent sales. Literature Review When experts look at social media messages about specific products or industries, they identify two types of material: consumer-generated content and firm-generated content. Consumer-generated materials are produced and posted to any Internet site by nonprofessionals (Moriuchi, 2016, pg. 2). For example, if a customer bought a new water bottle and it started leaking after the first usage, they could decide to complain within the consumer reviews portion of the website. Consumers can post about everything from their appetizer at dinner to their receptionist at a hotel; future consumers often take these reviews into consideration before purchasing the product or service. According to

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