Marketing : Marketing Orientation Of Boots

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Marketing is the process of selling of goods and services to the real customers. We conduct an assignment based on marketing orientation of Boots. The assignment consists of four parts. The first part discusses the basic concept and the method of marketing orientation of Boots. Then second part represents the various treatments of segmentation, positioning and targeting. The third part consists of the marketing mix and its basic components. And the last part discusses about the application of the elements of marketing mix in different situations.

Introduction 4
Part-1: The different operations and concept of marketing 4
1.1: Components of processing of marketing 4
1.2: Advantages and disadvantages of marketing orientation of Boots 5
Part-2: Various treatments of segmentation, positioning and targeting 5
2.1: The distinction of micro and macro environmental forces on marketing decisions 5
2.2: The characteristics of segmentation used in various markets 6
2.3: The targeting strategy for Boots 7
2.4: The influence of Buyer’s behavior on marketing process in various buying situations 8
2.5: A new position for Boots 8
Part-3: The basic elements of extended marketing mix 9
3.1: The methods of developing to conduct in competitive situation 9
3.2: The arrangement of distribution for customer satisfaction 9
3.3: The methods of price
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