Marketing, Merchandising, And Marketing Essay

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Retail does not only mean retail store operations; it means creating a commercially viable product, putting it on the shelf and selling it and everythi ng in between – from design to merchandising, marketing, visual merchandising, retail planning, store interior projects – the entire scale and each role as exciting as other. From an analytical standpoint the business of retailing may be divided into a number of functions. In unorganized retailing all the following tasks are necessary:  Merchandising : Viewed chronologically the first function is merchandising. This term has been given a variety of meaning; it is here used to describe the whole group of decisions and tasks involved in determining what merchandise is to be offered, pricing it, and acquiring it. Where a business sells more than one items the retailers are at once faced with several problems. They need to know what and how much to buy, they, must decide how to share out their strictly limited money between the various sections or divisions of their business and then in finer detail, how much of each individual item to buy. Then, when the allocation of money is worked out, the goods much be brought; this entails interviewing travelers, studying catalogues and so on. However, well a shop is run, some items will fail to sell and someone must decide whether to reduce the price of these goods and, if so, by how much. These are merchandising problems, and in a large store will be dealt with by the
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