Marketing Metaphors : Business As A Journey And My New Venture

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According to Lewis (2007), “Metaphors are statements that make comparisons between objects, some literally spelled out, others implied” (p.119). Metaphors shape and define our way of thinking and are often common practices with businesses. How we effectively communicate depends on our word choice. Words more specifically metaphors bring what we are trying to say come to life. Metaphors are useful when trying to communicate ideas that may be difficult to understand. As they use familiar objects as their vehicles to “make a point or reinforce a point” (Miller, 2008, para 6 & 7). This paper will look at the concept of the following business metaphors: business as a journey and my new venture. Included in this paper is the history and reasons for these metaphors. Also, this paper examine the vehicle/tenor relationship, denotative and connotative meanings and the implications and effects of these metaphors. Metaphors are useful in the business world as they build relationships with the target domain it describes. For instance, a business described as a ‘journey’ can be associated with words like adventure, exploration, progress, process and venture. Similarly, the word ‘venture’ can mean deal, enterprise, investment, undertaking or set-up. These are common words associated with the business language. Subsequently, a relationship is created between business and journey/venture. The vehicle/tenor relationship for business as a journey and my new venture are as follows: the tenor is

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