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Creative Marketing Techniques The other day I went to Denver to visit my mom. Near the entrance to her independent living facility, they were building a bunch of new condos. As I rounded the corner, I could not help but notice a woman dressed only in a bikini and a stocking cap holding up a grand opening sign. It seemed odd and out of place to see a woman so scantily dressed as the temperature was in the 30 's. My curiosity was piqued. As I got closer, I noticed that it was not a real woman at all, but a mannequin holding the sign. Most of the time we are emotionally preoccupied and filter out the rest of the world. Our ability to filter out distractions is part of our evolutionary success. The bikini clad woman was unexpected and broke…show more content…
The SBA has it wrong. A business plan is not always what you need. Planning is advisable to the extent that you have access to enough money or capital to conduct your first few experiments. However, the typical advice provided by many small business counselors, mentors, and the SBA encouraging ALL fledgling business to write a business plan is just down right wrong. Here is why. A business plan will not get you a loan. First time entrepreneurs are told that they need a business plan to get money from the bank. While there is some truth to this, it is unlikely that they will actually get any funds from the bank to start their business. These new entrepreneurs do not have an existing track record and banks are conservative lenders. This means that writing a business plan in the hopes that a bank will provide debt financing should not be the sole motivation behind developing a business plan. It 's just not a good enough reason by itself. The premise of a business plan is to predict the future and then develop a product or service to exploit it. Most businesses are non-employer businesses, meaning that the owner is the business– there are no employees. Many entrepreneurs are simply using their assets, talents, and abilities to solve a very specific problem for a very specific client. Rather than developing a product or service for the masses, many entrepreneurs create a strategic partnership with a client who is actually engaged in designing
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