Marketing, Micro Marketing And Macro Marketing

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Many people think that production of goods and service is important for their life. However, they don’t realize that marketing is a significant process for carrying goods and service from producers to them. Marketing doesn’t only mean to sell products or persuade customers buy goods they actually don’t need. Successful marketing provides more choices of products and guides a correct direction for customers to purchase right goods, as result of customer satisfaction. In other words, customers feel happy and satisfied with goods and services because products meet with customers’ needs and expectation. The best result of marketing is customers will continue to visit the stores they once consumed. So companies will advantageously catch higher customer lifetime value through a correct process of marketing. Both companies and customers will gain profit because companies will make a close relationship with customers over a lifetime and customers will get what they need. There are two types of marketing, micro marketing and macro marketing. Micro marketing often deals with some activities of individual firms. They make customer satisfaction and build strong relationship with customers. Product, place, promotion and price are four parts of marketing mix to satisfy the needs of target customers. Firms create and develop their products in order to satisfy the needs of customers. For examples, firms provide a service, high quality products, and warranties and so on. Firms should
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