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1. Critique on this comment: "People are spending most of their time online and they are communicating via social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook. As such, there's no need for companies to advertise in traditional media such as TV, newspaper or radio anymore."

Social media tools like Twitter and Facebook have taken the world by storm, as is expected of any social networking platform of such colossal magnitude. According to a survey from Constant Contact a company that facilitates social marketing, there has been a rapid increase in social media use to promote businesses. Nearly three-quarters of all small business owners are now turning to social media as a means of marketing their business. The 2012 Social Media
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Most companies are cautious about using social media marketing because they’re concerned whether they will be able to reach the correct audience and the time that they need to invest to see their desired results. Companies also fear that they might lose control of their brand message in this process. However by integrating traditional advertising with the influence and reach of social media, marketers can safely get their message across to their target audience. A certain percentage of the population is not even on social media which is why companies should not completely shut their doors to traditional marketing methods.

People are spending more time online and communication through social media but should companies completely scrap traditional marketing tactics and embrace social media? According to an article on Forbes, it is more important to “catalyze marketing messages with major channels of promotion, and only use social media to interlace those messages and help to further communicate them to the consumer”. With the advent of social media and its rapid usage increase, perhaps it may be possible for companies to use social media as their primary means of marketing in the near future but as things stand now traditional marketing methods are still the most obvious choice to make sure your message gets out while social media puts that message in front of a wider audience.

2. From time to time, we hear companies such as Coca Cola, IBM, and

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