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Principals of Marketing
Chapter 5 Page166 1. Choose one of the following companies. What colors does it use predominantly in its logo or packaging? How do these colors affect the perception of its products?
Answer: The color which L.L BEAN usespredominantly in its logo and packaging is green. Green symbolizesnature, freshness, health, andlife. It is the most restful and comfortable color.L.L BEAN is an outside door sports brand company. Their targeting customers are the people who love outside sports and prefer to close the nature. Thegreen color logo and packaging can make customerseasily associate to nature, and feel very close to nature so that they can get a closely linked from theirbrand to nature, and easily memorize the brand,
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How would you segment the market for those different businesses?
Answer:I would segment the market for those different businesses by the geographic segmentation. For the Burger King, a traditional American fast food, I would develop it market in the large dense population major cities such as New York, Chicago,L.os Angeles and so on.People have a fast-paced life in those big cities, and tend to consume more fast food, and burgersarethe most popular food in U.S. The Pollo Tropical is Caribbean flavor food. I will promote and popularizeit in South and East American, along the coast and island cities, like Miami, New Jersey, and so on, for people live in there prefer to eat Caribbean flavors’ food. The Taco Cabana is Mexican flavor food.Iwill develop and focus its marketing segmentation on south and west area in America, such as New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. There has more Chicano and Mexican immigrants, and they will like the taste of home. 2. Today, many restaurants offering Mexican or Caribbean fare appeal to a predominantly Hispanic audience. Two of the Carrols holdings-Pollo tropical and Taco Cabana-feature those types of cuisines. Since Hispanics are the fastest-growing minority segment in the United States, would you concentrate your marketing efforts on this segment or work to expand the market for Pollo Tropical and Taco Cabana?
Answer: Yes, I would concentrate my marketing efforts on this segment. Many restaurants start

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