Marketing Mix Analysis: United Nations International Children's Emergency Program

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The United Nations International Children's Emergency Program, more commonly known as UNICEF, is an international not for profit institution, in charge of providing the necessary aid to children and mothers in emergent countries. This specific category of the population is often less more prone to poverty in developing regions, where the access to education and the incomes remain highly unequal.
To better review and analyze the institution, it is useful to assess it through the lenses of the marketing mix, namely the four P's of marketing: product, place, promotions and price. Additionally, emphasis would be placed on the partnerships developed by the entity.
2. The product In a traditional sense, the marketing mix is conducted for companies which sell a specific product at it addresses aspects such as product functionality, warranty, accessories and so on. More recently however, the contemporaneous economy has become more focused on services, rather than industry and manufacturing; within the United States for instance, nearly 80 per cent of the gross domestic product is generated by the services sector, with the industry sector generating 19 per cent, and the agricultural field generating 1 per cent (Central Intelligence Agency, 2012). In such a setting, the economic and business community has come to use the marketing mix in its assessment of services as well,…
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