Marketing Mix And Strategies Adopted By Aesop

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Executive Summary
This report is regarding the market analysis of AESOP. As AESOP is the one of the best producing products for Skin, Body, Hair, Fragrance and Gifts. In the report, we will analyze the market strategies of chosen company. We will be discussing in detail about the customers of company, its pricing, promotions and placement in market. Important thing is that the focus will be on marketing mix and strategies adopted by Aesop. We would also like to highlight on the recommendations for the betterment of company and at the end of the report we will show the Swot analysis along with the positioning chart of company with respect to its other competitors. Company may get improvement with the given recommendations.

Aesop is being in work from last 18 years of Excellence. It was established in Melbourne. The main purpose of the company product was to overcome the issues related to Skin, Face and Body. Aesop is the sole brand owned by the company, with Emeis Cosmetics Pty Ltd and Aesop Retail Pty Ltd which are Australian based companies. Another fact is that, it employs 250 staff workers in Australia and almost more than 600 staff members all over the world. The company is not limited to just one country but it also operates in Asia Pacific, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, United States, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Malaysia. However, it’s being announced in December, 2012, that Natura Cosmeticos S.A (Natura) which
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