Marketing Mix And The Marketing Mix Of Nike

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This essay will discuss the ‘marketing mix’ and how Nike uses their marketing mix to perfectly advertise and to market their products. The classic definition of marketing as found on the dictionary is: “the action of selling a product or service. This involves doing market research and advertising.” But the real meaning of marketing is to advertise or sell a product in such a way that you get maximum sales. The marketing mix is a vital part of marketing. It is just as important as the heart is to our body. The marketing mix refers to the set of actions, or tactics, that a company uses to promote its brand or product in the market. It consists of the 4 P’s. Each P stands for, Place (as in where it is sold), Price (the price at which it is sold), Product (refers to the item that is actually being sold), Promotion (refers to all the activities undertaken to actually sell the product). Effective marketing is really important for a
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Nike mainly uses celebrity endorsement and advertising. For example, Nike uses Cristiano Ronaldo, Iniesta and many other players to market the football boots and clothing segment of the company. The company uses a lot of advertising tricks and persuasive techniques to get maximum sales. It uses tricks such as utilizing celebrities to make their products look good. So when the buyers look at the product, the customers will feel as though that they need the product because of the celebrity endorsement. Nike makes it look as if one buys a shoe designed by Cristiano Ronaldo, they will become that good at the game. Another huge and extremely successful ‘campaign’ of Nike is that Nike uses Michael Jordan to create a pair of extremely rare shoes known as the ‘Jordan’s’. Michael Jordan made a mind-blowing $90 million dollars just by selling the Jordans. Nikes total sales are $86 billion and its market share is at

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