Marketing Mix And The Success Of Nestle

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For an organization of your choice, critically assess whether the marketing mix contributes to the success of that organization”.
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Whether marketing mix contribute to the success of GSK.
GlaxoSmithKline is a British multinational pharmaceutical company focus on developing new medicines, vaccines and consumer healthcare products that improve people’s health and well-being. The SmithKine Company was established in 1800 and had merged with Glaxo Wellcome in 2001. There are currently 99,000 employees across 115 countries. GSK was ranked 5th worldwide based on 9 billion US. Dollars net profit in 2014(Financial Times Global 500 list, 2014). It was also ranked 2nd in the UK based on the
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o Can only derived products from pharmacy, hospital and clinic
o Have to be prescribed by doctors. o Can only derived products from hospital, clinic and health agency
Consumer healthcare products o People can buy products through different channels themselves. o Can derived products from pharmacy, clinic, chain-Store…etc. Figure. 2: Marketing mix of Place
As Mack (2002) mentioned in Pharma Marketing News that “there are mainly three promotion type in pharmaceutical industry, general promotion, physician- specific promotion and consumer-specific promotion.” The list down below classified what GSK had done as their promotion strategies into each type.
- general promotion o Search engine o TV news o TV commercials o Radio
- physician- specific promotion o Professional detailing: sales representatives are responsible of delivering the latest knowledge of the medicine and clearing the doubts to doctors. The relationship plays an important role as some drugs may have the same indication and efficacy. It becomes a add forces for the purchase of medicine. o Journals ads: Majority of doctors emphasize on the efficacy and side effects of medicine. Journals are the only information they trust so keeping updated information for doctors are the main jobs for sales representatives. o Scientific Conferences/symposiums: Marketers will invite the prestigious doctors to present a certain topic in front of other doctors. It is
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