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• BMW marketing mix: First while talking about marketing mix, should talk about the component of marketing mix. Marketing mix divided to 4 elements 1. Product 2. Pricing 3. Placing 4. Promotion BMW has exceedingly talented individuals working for them in all zones, from mechanics to client helpline staff. All are provoke and expert, and strive to keep up the organization's picture. BMW has producing offices in a wide range of nations. In India, the assembling office is in Chennai, and the offices were opened in March 2007 and it creates the BMW arrangement one, three, five and seven. This office is fit for delivering 11,000 units for every year, at greatest yield. The extra parts focus is situated in Mumbai so that vehicle of these extra…show more content…
BMW choose to sell to those clients who have excessive requirements for exceptional and luxury as their products are constructed on those attributes. The agency makes a specialty of the top-class segments on a global scale. producing appealing and trend-putting merchandise which ranges from three to 7 collection are targeted to affluent clients by using correctly demonstrating the worldwide advertising method. BMW has managed its worldwide advertising and marketing approach by way of integrating the emotional advertising angle which interchanges synergistically to keep its management presence in the automaker industry. In Korea, the employer also donates pre- production vehicles to the faculty and college students to in addition study in the car era. who help in making the product to be had to the…show more content…
people love its cars now not only for their stylish seems. it is due to the fact they are full of luxury, consolation, fashion and technology. Hollywood has also played its personal crucial position in making BMW famous. There are three vital areas that BMW has constantly excelled in. they're a generation, product best and an exceedingly professional body of workers. these are also the main motives behind its fulfillment. presented here is a SWOT analysis of BMW – BMW ‘s popularity and achievement aren't a secret. it's miles a call people around the world cite with awe. From product, fine to marketing and era, it excels in all spheres. Manufacturer of luxurious cars and bikes, it has its headquarters in Munich, Germany. The logo turned into founded in the year 1916 and employs 122,244 humans. These 12 months, its rank at the Fortune 500 list is 68th. In maximum parts of the arena, BMW enjoys a high stage of recognition and emblem

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