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Introduction The term ‘Marketing Mix’ originated from Professor Neil H. Borden at the Harvard Business School, who was enlightened by his associate Professor James Culliton’s (1948) description of a marketing executive as a “mixer of ingredients” (Borden, 1984). This concept came about as a result of the “shift from sales orientation to market orientation” (Zineldin and Philipson, 2007). It is the strategic variables that are used by firms and businesses alike to make the right product available in the right place, promoted to the right customers at the right price. Borden established the ‘12 Elements of the Marketing Mix of Manufacturers’, which was later transformed in the 1960s into what marketers today know as the traditional 4Ps by…show more content…
There is a combination of three main segmenting variables used to determine the target market: demographic, psychographic and behaviouristic variables. Sony also considers the benefit segmentation, which is trying to satisfy what most consumers look for in a digital camera. This leads into the camera’s product positioning that Sony is trying to achieve. This refers to how Sony creates and maintains a certain concept of the RX100. As stated on the official Sony website (, the company claims that the camera “resets your expectations” of all compact digital cameras on the market. This infers that the RX100 must have relatively superior features and quality, putting it in the top-right hand corner of the perceptual mapping tool. The camera’s product feature of being compact and sleek is designed to target people who desire high quality photography but do not like carrying large DSLR cameras. The style and shape help to create the image and appeal that Sony marketers are trying to attain. Product One of the essential elements of the marketing mix is the physical product itself that the company is trying to sell. The DSC-RX100 offers high definition picture quality, a pop-up electronic viewfinder, and built in ND filter for wider-ranging photographic

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