Marketing Mix

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Marketing Mix
The terms of ‘Marketing Mix’ was first coined by Neil Borden, the president of the American Marketing Association in 1953. It is still use today to make important decisions that lead to the execution of a marketing plan. The various approaches that are used have evolved over times, especially with the increased use of technology.
The marketing mix is a business tool used in marketing and by marketers. The marketing mix is often crucial when determining a product or brand’s offer, and is often associated with the 4Ps (price, product, place and promotion) in service marketing. In the 1990s, the concept of 4Cs was introduced as a more customer-driven replacement of 4Ps. There are two theories based on 4Cs (consumer, cost,
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However, as long as our product launch in the first three months on the market to buy our watches enjoys 6-8% discount and free GST. Addition, as long as students or senior citizens will buy our watches 50-100 ringgit allowance.
Where to buy our products must also comply with our rules and regulations as well as some of the payment deadline. We only accept credit cards, debit cards, online banking, cash or delivery, and instalment payments via credit cards.

Place includes the company activities that make the product available to target customers. In the era of internet, credit cards and phones people neither need to go anyplace to satisfy a want or a need nor are limited to a few places to satisfy them. Marketers should know how the target market prefers to buy, how to be there and be ubiquitous, in order to guarantee convenience to buy. With the rise of internet and hybrid models of purchasing, place is becoming less relevant. Convenience takes into account the ease of buying the product, finding the product, finding information about the product, and several other factors.
Our products will allow customers to buy and understand through a variety of channels (Online or market). We will also put some of our products as well as information on a variety of coverage, so that customers can easily understand. Example: newspapers,

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