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Marketing Mix Paper Marketing encompasses everything from the products or services one sells, to how they are distributed to the customer. A Marketing Mix is the combination of products offered to reach a target market for the organization. "Marketing is much more than selling, or advertising (Cap Com Marketing, 2006)." The marketing mix is comprised of the Product, Price, Promotion, and distribution. The marketing mix is also known as the four P's. Worldwide, approximately 10 million people suffer from blood clots every year." Since 1997, Possis has become the leading provider of mechanical thrombectomy products by marketing its AngioJet System through a direct sales force, developing a United States customer base of more than 1,500…show more content…
As a clinical member of the Angiojet trials held at Lakeland Regional Medical Center, studies were documented and tracked according to standards set by the Food and Drug Administration and Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JHACO). The Angiojet System consists of a tiny device that attaches to a cannula in the femoral artery. The catheter is then advanced to the peripheral artery containing the blood clot. " Once properly positioned, the pump of the angiojet is activated, delivering a saline solution under high pressure out through the pump jets, into the artery, and directly at the blood clot (Angiojet Thrombectomy, 2004)." Saline jets create a vacuum, which causes the clot to break up. The pieces of the clot are then removed through the catheter. Next, the catheter with angiojet device is removed; pressure is applied to the area to prevent bleeding. The patient is required to lay flat for several hours to prevent bleeding. Four Elements The four components of the marketing mix are used to shape market demand. To facilitate transactions, the four P's, Product, Price, Promotion, and Distribution are used. Product and Service include individual goods. Features contained within a product line may have benefits to meet consumer needs and wants. Companies use market research to identify the needs and wants of the

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