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The report is tasked to take an in-depth look at the marketing environment in which our chosen organization, bskyb operates within. The report is further tasked to identify why complacency should have no place in the complex competitive market in which bskyb operates. In order to address the issues at hand, the report will establish and identify the elements of bskyb marketing mix and outline the necessity to continuously “explore various possibilities of improving their activities towards satisfying the needs and wants of their target market”.

The report will commence by giving the historical background of bskyb- who are they, when did they commence, what their initial core activities were and what their current
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There are a great many ways to put price on to product, most popular are:

1. Premium pricing-usually above the high of its segment. For example, something unique like car Ferrari.

2. Penetration pricing-the price of entry usually much lower, normally bread cost 1pound but we are selling the same quality bread for 40 pence to displace competition.

3. Economy pricing- low cost for simple and cheap products

4. Psychological pricing psychological price, as example instead of 5 pounds 4.99

5. Product line pricing – product line or set of services, for example, basic model of computer and extended model for the same company computer.

6. Geographic pricing - geographical pricing. The same company is offering different prices for different companies branches basted of local people purchasing power or mach with surrounding competition to not suffer loses.


Under the place can be understood as the end of the point of implementation, the distribution systems, separate channels, intermediaries. This means the mechanism by which moves the product or service from producer to consumer.


There are many ways to reach the target customer, but point to all marketers should remember any way they are achieving the customer’s main purpose is the “message”. It should be nice and easy understandable. Most popular ways to promote products are:

1. Personal selling

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