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As one of the most significant inventions in human history, the amount of cars had increased rapidly in the recent years. The competition had been much more intense in automotive manufacturing. Therefore, it was necessary for BMW to find a useful marketing mix. A survey and two interviews were conducted and the Internet was used to search for some data as methods to gain the result. The findings will show the marketing mix of its major competitor and talk about two marketing mixes and a SWOT analysis for BMW. The strengths of two marketing mixes and the errors of research would be discussed. In the conclusion, there would be a judgment about the preferred marketing mix.
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Basing on the SWOT analysis, there are two marketing mixes for BMW. The first one is that the price of BMW will be reduced by 3 percent over the next six months. Its target market is focused on the mid-market. The product of this marketing mix pays more attention on the innovation. The new features, such as panoramic sunroof and automatic temperature control system, will be added to increase the product freshness. Moreover, BMW will launch new products every three or four months to expand the type of products. In this marketing mix, cars will not only sell in 4s car shop, but also sell online. People become able to buy cars at home. The promotion of this marketing mix focuses on the Internet and TV. BMW will make some small films and launch them on some famous websites and television channel. The second one is that BMW pay attention to strengthening its position as the market leader in the premium segment of automobiles and the price will not decrease and may even increase to 1 million. The design style of the car will remain unchanged, but the quality of the product will be enhanced and the safety system will continue to improve. Furthermore, the after-sales service will keep improving. The car can be only bought in the 4s car shop, but the number of the car shop in China will be increased to 220 at the end of 2014. The promotion of this marketing mix still focuses on the traditional media, such as newspaper and magazine. However,BMW design different

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