Marketing Mix Model And Digital Marketing Plan For My Firm

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Marketing Mix Model and Digital Marketing Plan for my Firm Using social media to market ones program is a growing marketing trend which often ends up in spectacular results. But repeating the same success level when it comes to ecotourism is a difficult task. Traditionally, sensations created by social media are often related to entertainment industry or really important events that can stir public interest. But when it comes to ecotourism, we are dealing with a sustainable business market that requires long term attachment, trust and other permanent factors playing roles which cannot be replaced by sensational aspects. We must use cognitive and emotional marketing strategy mix to create interest to our potential customers. But at the same…show more content…
3. As emotional marketing with mix of cognitive strategy requires a more than usual time limit for attachment with the product by social media or any other form. It will require stage by stage preceding that is possible with low budget only through social media. Videos, product ads and documentaries planned to attract customers via social media sites are easier than ever. 4. Possible to connect with environmental groups, eco-lovers, news agencies and really feature your program that distinguishes you from others. 5. There is always the widest scope for 3rd party reliable positive feedback for your product through social media marketing which always works better than paid advertisement. 6. Easy to segment customer base via help of information provided by social sites like face book, twitter, LinkedIn that is pretty difficult if done by paying marketing agencies and regularly inform o9nes product to customers through rapid advertising. 7. The ability of regular update, modification and product development via continuous feedback and interaction with the community. 8. Every program, campaign whether they are awareness event, mass campaign, direct marketing or Weakness 1. Need to keep the margin between serious environmentalists concern and an ecotourism company which has both the motive of profit and ecological

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