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Marketing Mix Analysis of Gionee Smartphones Kashyap Pd. Marahatta BUS 510 Marketing Management Professor: Dr. Geraldine Goodstone & Mr. Krishna Khanal Westcliff University 25/09/2016 Abstract This paper intends to briefly analyze the marketing mix of Gionee smartphones. Despite the many changes that marketing mix has gone through, from four Ps to four As or from four Ps to four Cs, the marketing mix basically consists of product mix, price mix, promotion mix and place mix. This paper would be focusing on the basic marketing mix i.e the four Ps. Marketing Mix Analysis of Gionee Smartphones When we talk about a product, its sales and cost is directly affected by each of the components of the marketing mix (Kotler, 1964). As it affects the overall functioning and sustainability of a company or brand, it is very much essential to have a sound knowledge of the marketing mix. Even though with the passage of time, many theories regarding the addition of many components in the marketing mix have evolved (Waterschoot & Blute, 1992) but the foundation was laid with the components generally known as the four Ps, i.e. product, price promotion and place. Gionee, here is being analysed on the very components of the marketing mix. Product When talking about the product mix, there are various sub-components associated with it. These components are features/ specifications, brand name, design, technology, etc. Talking about the product range of Gionee, 80% of its

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