Marketing Mix On Song Delta Airline Essay

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Q. 4 ➢ Objective: Delta’s aim is to compete with low cost airlines in market with a good customer service facilities and relentless effort to make delta airline number one airline service provider. Marketing Mix on song delta airline: Product: They make strategies to beat rival companies by reducing costs and increasing the volume of the plane size (bigger planes)so the seats increased and the proper use of the resources (planes, employees, gate space). Price: They are giving cheapest fare with a best customer service compare to JetBlue, Southwest and AirTran. Promotion: With the help of advertisement they aware customer directly by the offers and facilities and compare with the rival companies (Jet Blue, Southwest, Air Tran). Distribution: Delta is giving more and more services in other countries with latest technology to beat their competitor in tough market. Effects: • Competitors are finding other alternative to make their air fare cheaper and give more service to customer and be competitor in tough market. • Other airlines beat delta airline with the help of more technology and cheap price compare to delta airline. ( Task - 2 Demographic Variable:- If delta airline will provide some kind of facilities according to this segment like, if they provide some games for kids, cheaper price for normal income people, also they have to provide some good books who like reading, etc. This is main segment to attract more customers and then they can

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