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Establish and Adjust the Marketing Mix

The largest moto fashion retrailer in AUS is the slogan of Braaap. This paper would explained the market mix strategies used at Braaap to become a successful company in business of dirt bike, pit bike and mini bike. Pricing, Promotion, Products, Channels of distribution and Customer Serviced are the key ingredients at Braaap. The report would give the samples approaching to customer.
Pit bike, Dirt Bike, Mini Bike and their parts and accessories are available to shop online and in store. Braaap offers their own brand name bike or other major brands including: ProTaper, Renthal, Daytona, Elka and Castrol. Braaap refers their
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Level of Customer Serviced Provided
Without the customer, there would be no business. Therefore, it is very important to create the customer satisfaction and customer service either to maintain the good relationship with them or to bring them back to buy more. At Braaap, there is a section called “Latest News” where news is often updated. Therefore, it is a mechanism to keep in touch with the customer. Moreover, the lifetime warranty on Braaap bike. It can ensure the customer to be able to come back to them either for maintenance the bike or for accessories.
Component of Marketing Mix [Q6]
There are four components to create the marketing mix strategy: 1) Products
A product is what the consumer purchases and makes use of it. The strength of products is direct correlation to willing to buy. Higher quality of products would cause the higher demand rather than poor quality. At Braaap, the bike is known as the best bike. Therefore, it is attracted the consumers to come and purchase especially the loyal customers who love in this sport. 2) Price
Pricing is important in term of strategy. The lower price isn’t always guaranteeing the higher selling rate. Therefore at Braaap, the price range is various to answer all level of customers need. Including the loan payment helps increasing the chance of selling 3) Channels of distribution
Channels of distribution are important in term of getting to customer, warehouse management and distribution to

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