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Marketing Mix Paper Yellow Freight Inc. is a trucking company that moves a wide variety of products for companies all over the world. “Any need met, Anytime guaranteed, Anywhere your business goes” is the motto that Yellow Freight stands behind. I used two contacts that I know personally for this paper. The first contact that I used was my Father James Belser he is the Lead Driver for Yellow Freight and Teamsters Executive Board Member, my father has been part of this corporation for 29yrs. The second person whom helped me with my paper was Brad Byrd, he is a Systems Coordinator and he has been a Yellow Freight employee for Six years. Yellow Freight inc. is a trucking company that offers the following options for their clients:…show more content…
cles | |420 | |Classification of Combined Articles | |422 | |Collect On Delivery (COD) Service |$68.25 minimum |430 | | |$50.00/shipment to change | | |Collection of Charges - Third Party Billing | |429 | |Combination of Rates | |436 | |Construction Site Delivery (Except Borough of Manhattan, N.Y.) |$76.50 |440 | |Commodity Verification Charge |$19.50 |366 | |Construction Site Delivery (Borough of Manhattan, N.Y.) |$104.95 |440-2 | |Cross-Border Management Fee |$18.00 originating in Canada |484 | | |See item

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