Marketing Mix Essay

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Marketing mix for competitive advantage:
The main intention of market research is to analyze the demand of customers. In fact, consumers are so close with the market research and product development to their integration into the 4 Ps--that people might even be called: The fifth "P" of marketing. The four P’s of effective marketing mix strategy was developed by McCarthy. Focusing upon customers, company could take right decision for the customers, according to the right place and distribution outlets, and the proper way for approaching the products. Marketing is all about creating beliefs to drive buying. So whether they are focused on the product, price, place, or promotion, successful marketing strategies and tactics
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In the primary stage companies like L’ORÉAL is maintaining competitive advantage would be product development, and with the expanding of the product range company is getting advantage. Quality between local and international standard may differ. L’ORÉAL also can produce a regional version of its product such as a western European version and getting a competitive advantage. Although invention of new product is tougher rather it is maintain the international market in a competitive advantage to maintain the international marketing strategy. There is enormous need in less developed countries for low cost high proteins foods. L’ORÉAL can offer its consumers a one-stop shop opportunity by providing majority of the products that they are looking for in one area. So that they could easily motivate their customers to buy their products. If the quality of the products bought satisfied the needs and preference of the consumer then the L’ORÉAL will lead to consumer loyalty and retain the customers and repeated consumption. Mainly L’ORÉAL finds success by focusing the product aspect of their marketing mix on what people need and want.

Price, another effective element of marketing mix, which deals with the price of the products or services. And mainly success totally depends on that company who charged the right price and a competitive price in the market. Cause price is not fixed for ever for the customers. When the
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