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Marketing decisions generally fall into four categories; product, price, place and promotion. These categories together, are known as the marketing mix, or the 4 P 's of marketing. Subject to the internal and external constraints of the marketing society, the marketing mix gives marketing managers controllable parameters to make decisions that are centered on customers in the target market. The ultimate goal of the marketing mix is to create value and generate a positive response for any organzition. Elements of the Marketing Mix Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia (2006), describes the marking mix approach to marketing as a model of crafting and implementing marketing strategies and stresses a blending of various factors in such a way…show more content…
Microsoft, the industry leader in software development and sales, became a registered trademark on November 26, 1976. Microsoft 's best selling products have been the Windows operating system and the Office suite. They have also had a hand in other markets, such as MSNBC cable television network, Microsoft multimedia encyclopedia, as well as the MSN internet portal, computer hardware, home entertainment products and gaming consoles. As of 2006, Microsoft employs over 71,000 employees and has produced fourth quarter revenues over $44 billion. Microsoft is considered a very diverse company due to the number of businesses that it deals with. For instance, Microsoft is a large corporation that serves the needs of many small businesses, and large businesses. They also serve the needs for not only personal home use, but they have also been involved in industries such as computer hardware, software, publishing, research and development, television and video games. According to the article, Our Commitment to Our Customers – The Business of Microsoft, the company explains their core business units, as well as their intention to deliver creative solutions to their customers. The Microsoft website states (2005): "At Microsoft, we 're motivated and inspired every day by how our customers use our software to find creative solutions to business problems, develop breakthrough ideas,

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