Marketing Mix Project : Stride Rite

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Marketing Mix Project Penelope Ann Kane
Keiser University


Founded in 1919, Stride Rite combines heritage and knowledge, with nearly 100 years in children’s footwear, with a modern-day understanding of kids’ every day adventures. Inspired by real life, Stride Rite prides itself on making great looking, high quality footwear, building strong consumer relationships and providing families with the best shopping experience in the industry. Stride Rite is a manufacturer and wholesaler of footwear, sold in department stores, independent shoe stores, value retailers, outlet stores and specialty stores. Stride Rite also has company-owned children’s
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It also ties in with the positioning of the product in the lifestyle market, along with offering well-made shoes to the middle to upper part of the economic pyramid.
Company Image “Stride Rite strengthened its consumer appeal in 1987 by contemporizing the company’s image and moved to a brand design that features bright colors and geometric shapes” (Corp S. R., 2017). “But just as Stride Rite is more than baby shoes, Stride Rite’s reputation includes more than numbers and market share. For many years, the company has been widely regarded as one of the most responsible employers and corporate citizens in the United States” (Stone, 1992). “Stride Rite’s reputation rests on many initiatives: a progressive family leave policy, public service scholarships, and a day-care center that serves both preschool children and senior citizens, for example. But its most famous innovation by far was the child-care center Stride Rite opened in an old factory in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood in 1971. By choosing to make child-care available to both community residents and employees, Stride Rite set itself on a path in which social issues and family concerns often overlap” (Stone, 1992). “Stride donated over 150,000 pairs of shoes to Soles4Souls in 2016” (Corp, 2016). All of
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