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CONTINUUM LEARNING PTE LTD 7Ps of Services Marketing Companies are competing strategically through service quality for greater differentiation in today's competitive marketplace. Successful companies focus on the services-dominant paradigm with investment in people, technology, human resources policies, and compensation linked to service performance of employees. This is important because contact employees’ attitudes and behaviours significantly influence the quality of service. They present the “face and voice” of their organizations to customers. Extension of the 4Ps - 7Ps Services Marketing Framework by Booms and Bitner The 4Ps marketing mix which represents Product, Process, Pricing and Promotion, have been most widely employed as a…show more content…
ii) 3Ps of Services Marketing – Physical Evidence Physical evidence refers to the environment in which the service is assembled and in which the seller and customer interact, combined with tangible commodities that facilitate performance or communication of the service. The physical evidence of service includes all the tangible representations of service such as brochures, letterhead, business cards, reports, signage, internet presence and equipment. For example, in the hotel industry, the design, furnishing, lighting, layout and decoration of the hotel as well as the appearance and attitudes of its employees will influence customer perceptions of the service quality and experiences. Because of the simultaneous production and consumption of most services, the physical facility i.e. its servicescape can play an important role in the service experience. Copyright © Continuum Learning Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Company No.: 200509320M Contacts : mobile 65-9199 5556 -2- CONTINUUM LEARNING PTE LTD For theme park, restaurant, health club, hospital or school, its servicescape is critical in communicating about the service and making the entire customer experience positive. The “servicescape” illustrates how three physical environment dimensions (ambient conditions, space/function and signs, symbols and artifacts)

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