Marketing Mix Strategy And Analysis

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Company Profile Flight Centre is Found by Graham Turner in 1981, its first store open in Sydney, increases day by day, Now they 2500 worldwide stores which operate Australia, USA, India, China, New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Africa etc. They are first ever decline in the profit year 2005. More where stores available in all prime location near to all amenities and public can reach their easily. Marketing Mix Strategy & Analysis [Introduction] Marketing Plays a vital role in a business, because of marketing the business can offer their offerings and to their customers and provides the services. Marketing is a combination of 4 P’s which are Product, Prize, Place and promotion, to Analysis the marketing of this business, I am explaining the…show more content…
It has won major leisure, corporate and wholesale travel awards for its services. It also has been awarded Best Travel Agency Group, Best National Travel Management Company and Travel Agency Corporate (Flight Centre travel Group). Price Flight Centre offers a very competitive price. The prices are usually are lower than its competitors when it comes to domestic and international flights. It provides the option of different prices ranges. These price ranges depend on the services that a customer requests. It provides economy class, business class, premium class, and first class price ranges. Due to its affordable prices and good services, it has grown to become a 13.5$ billion business comprising of more than 30 brands. It works had to keep up with the competition by providing best possible prices while ensuring customer loyalty (Flight Centre the Airfare Expert). Place Its services are provided in more than 75 countries having over 15000 employees and about 2500 stores. Its main sources are located in different parts of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, China, Honk Kong, India, Singapore and the UAE. It is considered to be one of the world’s largest travel agency groups. Further, FCm travel solutions provide its services in more than 75 countries. Its services are provided throughout Australia including most of the cities. They are easily accessible and has more than 950 stores in Australia alone. It has also started an
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