Marketing Mix Tools when Going from America into China Essay

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Consumers consider price, brand, time of delivery, and the quality of the product in making choices on which products to use in the market place, hence the reason it is important to focus on fulfilling the elements in marketing products to consumers. In moving a product from the American market to the Chinese market, similar considerations are necessary since similarities and differences exists in the response of consumers on the use of different marketing mix tools in promoting products in the two countries. Due to the complexity in marketing luxury products in China, it is advisable for marketers to analyze the market in China in order to identify the critical elements for consideration in marketing prior to introducing the commodity…show more content…
Furthermore, it is easier to convince a consumer in the high-end segment of the market to purchase a highly priced commodity from a recognizable brand like Sabon as opposed to purchasing highly priced products for unknown brands. The focus of sabon should be pricing their products effectively in order to motivate the consumers in the high-end market to purchase items of high quality in large quantities. Market assessment In order to capitalize on the existing opportunity, the marketer should first conduct a survey to establish the relationship between pricing and increase in sales in the Chinese market before selecting the appropriate pricing technique for use in marketing the soap (Xu & Susan 308). The researcher might use existing information on the performance of Western manufacturers in the domestic market from magazines and online sites in addition to monitoring the trends in the market in china. After the assessment, a comparison of the findings should be made after which the relationship between increase in sales and the use of pricing as a marketing tool should guide the marketers in setting up price for Sabon products in China. Marketing techniques The researchers will use advanced technological tools in measuring the satisfaction of consumers form the use of different commodities in the marketplace. In particular, the company will design a website

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