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Recommending a Marketing Mix for an Organic Cosmetics Brand (Final Draft) Student´s Name: Ana Pichardo Teacher: Ileana Bauche Due Date: April 23, 2013 Word Count: approximately 1700 words Executive Summary In this research two well-designed marketing mixes were made, aiming to improve an already existing organic products cosmetics brand named “LUSH®” as well as accommodating its features to the demands of the target market. One of the marketing mixes being directed for physical shops and the other one for an E-Store. Two business people were interviewed to gain information about strategies and day-to-day goals in small brands as such. Elena Torre, cosmetician and owner of “Saint Germaine”, a Natural Cosmetics brand, was…show more content…
Lush produces and sells a variety of handmade natural products, including soaps, shower gels, shampoos and hair conditioners, bath bombs, bubble bars, hand and body lotions and face-masks. The brand uses fruit and vegetables, essential oils, synthetic ingredients, honey and beeswax in their products. In addition to not using animal fats in their products, they are also against animal testing and perform tests with volunteers instead. Methods In order to collect useful data, a research about the brand was made, including its place in the market in comparison to other brands. By this, identifying a competitor brand, analyzing it’s marketing mix and SWOT analysis in order to help develop the research’s own. This procedure was a guidance to find the identical ideas, strengths and differences between the two brands, allowing the brand in research’s marketing mix to improve and hopefully become dominant in the market. By preforming a research about the USDA and their certified brands and the whole organic/natural cosmetic products market, will be an approach to the marketing mix with a more stable and predetermined target. Throughout two interviews that were held, another portion of favorable information could be obtained, both interviews provided precise and factual details about two different cosmetics brands, as well as some advice on how to identify the features and other relevant business factors. One of
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